11 May 2023

High interest in HTT at PASE 2023 Language Congress

On May 6, the Holistic Think Tank participated in the PASE Language Congress, which is Poland's largest event for linguists. During a meeting with hundreds of teachers, the Polish premiere of the HTT-produced film "Good Day" took place. Dr. Anna Grabowska, HTT's educational program manager, in turn, led a debate and a workshop session for participants.

Author: malgorzata-janaszek,


PASE Language Congress 2023

The organizers of PASE 2023 invited experts not only in linguistics and glottodidactics but also psychologists, educators, PR and marketing specialists. This year the event was held under the slogan: “The Obstacle Is the Way” and gathered more than 400 participants. HTT was a partner of the event.

Film premiere

Film premiere and Dr Anna Grabowska

“In teachers we trust”, resounded at the Polish premiere of the film “Good Day” at the PASE Language Congress. This sentence perfectly describes the spirit of the discussion that followed the film screening. Many people emphasized that change in education is only possible through teachers and parents. “Everyone is waiting for something to change from the top down, but the only change can come from the bottom up. This film should be seen by parents because they are the ones looking for places where children can be fulfilled. Holistic teaching – this is the future”, said one of the participants.

The conversation after the film’s premiere showed how great the need is to talk about the need for change in schools and to support teachers on this path, as it is their courage, persistence, and creativity that the future of education depends on.


Dr. Anna Grabowska from the HTT team also moderated a panel discussion titled “The Obstacle Is The Way.” Among the discussants there were many respected scholars in the fields of didactics and linguistics, as well as innovative teachers. As Dr. Grabowska pointed out, the goal of educational change is to provide the best education for all, not just a selected few. – Every school without exception should be good,” she pointed out.

A good education cares not only about students’ test results but also their mental or emotional well-being. Adam Stępiński, a history and English teacher and, in addition, a trainer who runs courses for other educators, told a story: – “When I was in Finland for the first time, 25 years ago, I asked one of the school principals, “What is your primary goal when it comes to educating students?”. He replied: “To make children happy.” I thought he was crazy. When I spent more time with them, I realized that this happiness is a prerequisite for effective learning.”

Prof. Maciej Błaszak, a cognitive scientist from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, also noted the importance of emotional support for students – The greatest tragedy we can face is loneliness. Social pain is worse than physical pain,” he said.

Sessions, talks, meeting, HTT stand and more

Two workshop sessions were also conducted on behalf of HTT. One of them, entitled “A Foreign Language Lesson In Action! How to Create Conditions for Quality Teaching and Learning?” was conducted by Dr. Mariola Bogucka, a member of the HTT Scientific Board.

Dr Anna Grabowska, HTT’s educational program manager, on her part, conducted the session “Dialogue is More Than Words, or How to Turn Difficulties into Signposts.”

Both sessions attracted so many participants that there were not enough seats for some of those who wanted to attend.

There was also a Holistic Think Tank stand at the PASE congress, where materials about holistic education and the Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS), HTT’s flag teaching methodology, were available. The HTT stand was well-attended, and many inspiring conversations about education took place there.

Photo authors: Małgorzata Janaszek-Bazanek and Kamil Rojek

PASE website: kongres.pase.pl