25 June 2024

Holistic Think Tank at ESOF Katowice

Holistic Think Tank organized the panel "Human Being in the World of Algorithms," which took place on June 14 as part of the EuroScience Open Forum in Katowice.

Author: Maria Mazurek,



Guests of the Holistic Think Tank — scientists, innovators, and technology solution creators — discussed what the development of Artificial Intelligence means for education, medicine, and, more broadly, for society.

They also reflected on the role of timeless humanistic values in the world of the future, addressing the topics of social responsibility and morality in the context of the technological revolution.

Od lewej: Maria Mazurek, Jerzy Nowak, Mikołaj Stryja

The participants of the Holistic Think Tank panel included, among others:

  • Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, the “father” of Polish Artificial Intelligence (researching and co-creating it for 50 years), and multiple-time rector of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow;
  • Chris Wojewodzic, PhD, a psychologist and pioneer of digital education in Poland, CEO of the capital company Escola, which creates applications for schools, universities, and trainers;  
  • Mikołaj Stryja – a co-founder of ArtNovation, a PhD candidate at The Reactor Institute Delft in the Netherlands, and a designer of AI systems in medicine;
  • Maciej Myśliwiec, the head of SPACE Agency, specializing in communication solutions for the technology and space sectors; 
  • Jerzy Nowak, director of institutional cooperation at Holistic Think Tank.

The discussion was led by Maria Mazurek from Holistic Think Tank.

From the left: Maciej Myśliwiec (SPACE Agency), Krzysztof Wojewodzic, PhD (ESCOLA), Anna Budzanowska, PhD (HTT), Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz (AGH), Mikołaj Stryja (The Reactor Institute Delft), Maria Mazurek (HTT), and Jerzy Nowak (HTT)

Our panelists discussed fears and hopes regarding the future. Maciej Myśliwiec emphasized that a touch of fear is necessary. “It’s worse if people aren’t afraid at all. That would mean they lack reflection, and a lack of reflection can lead to the realization of dark scenarios,” he said.

However, as Jerzy Nowak reminded, this is not the first (and probably not the last) time humanity faces challenges related to technological progress. Paradoxically, these challenges are best addressed by timeless humanistic values such as courage, community, and the ability to converse.

And that is why Holistic Think Tank advocates for these values to form the heart of school education.

The interior of the Katowice International Conference Centre, where the event took place