15 February 2023

HTT Summit 2023. We present the agenda of inspiring workshops

At the HTT 2023 Summit at Ohio State University, Columbus, attendees will not only hear lectures by global education experts or attend Q&A sessions but will also participate in valuable workshops for teachers, sharing their experiences and thoughts with each other. We present the details.

Author: Maria Mazurek,


We see the HTT Summit not only as an opportunity to present our – based on holism, humanism, and interdisciplinarity, embodied through the IDS, Interdisciplinary Subject – vision of school education, but also to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among educators from around the world. An excellent opportunity for such interactions will be workshops for teachers led by the HTT members and our partners.

IDS – Rethinking Assessment

This is the title of the workshop, which will be led by Magdalena Jurewicz, teacher (social studies), sociologist, and trainer from the School of Education of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and the University of Warsaw, where she coordinates the process of improving mentor-teachers.

Magdalena Jurewicz

Rethinking Assessment: one of the main purposes of assessment is to inform. The assessment process should provide information that will allow us to determine whether the assumed goal has been achieved. In implementing this simple assumption at school, we have many difficulties and questions: what does the grade tell the student? If not by grade, then how to assess? Whether to assess knowledge or skills? How to fairly evaluate diverse students? During the meeting, we will reflect on selected questions.

IDS – Diversity and Inclusion in Classroom

The man who will lead this workshop will be Bartosz Wilimborek, an English teacher and the headmaster of the Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw (the school for students with hearing impairment). He has managed a variety of projects focused mainly on teaching foreign languages and social inclusion, both on national and international levels.

Bartosz Wilimborek

Diversity and Inclusion in Classroom: working with students with special educational needs may scare us or leave us feeling ignorant. On the other hand, we may find it a challenge which, in the end, will turn out to be a very empowering experience. During the workshop, we will try to answer how to address our students’ individual needs or what are the strengths of teaching diverse groups.

IDS – Humanistic and Holistic Approach in the Classroom

This workshop will be conducted by HTT team members: Maksymilian Woch and Anna Grabowska.

Maksymilian Woch, Ph.D., is a scientist of religion and an anthropologist. In HTT, he participates in the conceptual development of the IDS idea, focusing on its philosophical and axiological assumptions.

Maksymilian Woch

Anna Grabowska, Ph.D., is HTT’s educational program manager, linguist, educator, and campaigner in the field of education and teacher training.

Anna Grabowska

Humanistic and holistic approach in the classroom: Humanistic – meaning, what? And how to understand holism in education? What are teachers’ experiences with implementing these approaches in classrooms? In this workshop, we will discuss implementing theoretical approaches into classroom practice.

IDS – The role of the Teacher in Interdisciplinary Learning

In this workshop, participants will meet Sabine Little and Ryan Bramley from the organization we cooperate with: School of Education, University of Sheffield.

Sabine Little, Ph.D., is a Director of Education and this organization, as well as an educator, teacher trainer, and language researcher.

Sabine Little, source:
University of Sheffield

Ryan Bramley, Ph.D., is a lecturer, filmmaker, and arts-based researcher teaching digital literacy and methodological innovation in qualitative research.

Ryan Bramley, source: University of Sheffield

The role of the Teacher in Interdisciplinary Learning: in this workshop, we will look at the role of teachers as the main protagonists of the educational transformation in everyday school practice. We will listen to the voices of educators: their experiences, advice, concerns, and questions.

IDS – Interdisciplinary Project Based Approach

This workshop, in turn, will be led by our close associates (and grant recipients) from the Human Restoration Project: Chris McNutt and Nick Covington.

Chris McNutt is the executive director of HRP, a former digital design and media & social studies teacher at a public school in Ohio with a great passion for progressive education.

Chris McNutt, source:
Human Restoration Project

Nick Covington is the creative director at the HRP. He taught social studies for 10 years in Iowa and has worked as a labor organizer.

Nick Covington, source:
Human Restoration Project

Interdisciplinary Project Based Approach: in this workshop, we will look at conducting classes based on interdisciplinary projects, share methodological tips, and discuss how to combine different areas of knowledge and skills in a project-based approach.