25 June 2024

In the Polish Parliament, we honored the K’IDS teachers

On May 28th, we awarded certificates to 26 teachers participating in the pilot edition of the K'IDS program. During a parliamentary meeting with Member of Parliament Katarzyna Matusik-Lipiec and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Monika Wielichowska, we also honored evaluators who participated in our project.

Author: Maria Mazurek,


The finale of the first pilot edition of the K’IDS program was marked by a ceremonial event: we invited participating teachers to Warsaw. First, they attended two days of creative workshops, followed by a conference and the presentation of the report on Wednesday, May 28th, at the Polish Press Agency’s Press Center.

Meanwhile, certificates for the teachers cooperating with us were presented later that same day in the Polish Parliament. After touring the Parliament and visiting Deputy Speaker Monika Wielichowska’s office, each teacher was honored with a certificate.

In the Wielichowska’s office. Photo: pressmaterials

The certificates to the teachers are handed out by (from left to right): Katarzyna Matusik-Lipiec, Monika Wielichowska, and Jerzy Nowak

“Polish schools need change. Thank you to each of you individually for being part of creating that change,” said Deputy Speaker Wielichowska.

“Poland needs more dedicated, open-minded educators like yourselves,” added Katarzyna Matusik-Lipiec.