25 June 2024

Presentation of the K’IDS pilot report. The event took place at the Polish Press Agency press center

On May 28th, Holistic Think Tank presented the findings from the first pilot edition of the K'IDS program.

Author: Maria Mazurek,


485 students, 26 teachers, 21 towns and villages — that was the reach of the first (pilot) edition of the K’IDS program. On May 28th, a conference was held at the Polish Press Agency press center where we discussed the report describing Holistic Think Tank’s flagship project.

After the presentation of the report, a discussion followed on school education and the K’IDS program itself. The panel, moderated by Bartosz Loba, PR advisor at HTT, included the following participants:

  • Prof. Marek Konopczyński – a social rehabilitation pedagogue, author of the concept of creative social rehabilitation, and a commissioner for juvenile affairs appointed by the Minister of Justice.
  • Mariola Bogucka, PhD – an english philologist, a long-time lecturer at the University of Gdańsk, currently working at the Ateneum Academy. She is also the author of numerous educational and didactic publications.
  • Jarosław Kordziński – a trainer, mediator, educator, former teacher, and publicist.
  • Zyta Czechowska – a special education pedagogue, awarded the title of Teacher of the Year 2019.
  • Magdalena Jasińska – an evaluator of K’IDS scenarios, and a teacher of chemistry, physics, biology, and geography.

The K’IDS program focuses on building, implementing, and promoting lesson scenarios that not only cover the curriculum but primarily teach values from the What Schools Ought to Teach list. It also involves training, supporting, and networking teachers who implement these scenarios.