27 February 2023

The “Good Day” film. Check out the trailer!

The premiere of the film produced by HTT - and created by high-class filmmakers - highlighting education around the world is just a few days away in Columbus, during the HTT Summit 2023 at Ohio State University. Meanwhile, we invite you to watch the trailer.

One of the signature activities of the Holistic Think Tank has been to conduct large-scale research on schools in 10 countries on five continents. Later, the film crew, led by Ivo Krankowski, returned to some schools from our research to meet our heroes – teachers, principals, and above all, students – once again.

From these meetings, a film on global education was created – interesting, charming, and thought-provoking at the same time. It shows concern for the future and criticism of today’s schools, but also hope. That hope is built on the observation that more and more people, including students, see the need to transform schools, and we are getting closer to that transformation. 

The recordings of Krankowski’s team became the material for the production of the film, which was undertaken by Michał Nowakowski and Katarzyna Leśniak, well-known in the cultural world as an excellent film editor.

The film will premiere on March 4 in Columbus, USA, at HTT Summit 2023. Until then, we invite you to watch the trailer.