Presentation of the K’IDS pilot report. The event took place at the Polish Press Agency press center

On May 28th, Holistic Think Tank presented the findings from the first pilot edition of the K'IDS program.

25 June 2024

In the Polish Parliament, we honored the K’IDS teachers

On May 28th, we awarded certificates to 26 teachers participating in the pilot edition of the K'IDS program. During a parliamentary meeting with Member of Parliament Katarzyna Matusik-Lipiec and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Monika Wielichowska, we also honored evaluators who participated in our project.

25 June 2024

Holistic Think Tank at ESOF Katowice

Holistic Think Tank organized the panel "Human Being in the World of Algorithms," which took place on June 14 as part of the EuroScience Open Forum in Katowice.

25 June 2024

Inspirations. Discussions. Networking

Photo report from the HTT's International Conference on Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning, held with the support of the Polish Ministry of National Education.

29 February 2024

Our film with a prestigious award in Helsinki!

Good news from Finland: the Holistic Think Tank-produced film "Good Day" got an award as "Best Educational Film" at the HEFFI (Helsinki Education Film Festival International) ceremony.

28 November 2023

“If there are more of us, we will succeed in creating a better school.” From the HTT Roundtable Discussion on IDS

Holistic Think Tank heads: Michal Dziuda (originator and founder) and Justyna Pokojska (executive director) held a roundtable meeting with HTT ambassadors, associate teachers, and educational activists. The result was a vivid, engaging discussion about holistic teaching, student needs, IDS Educational Program, and the school we want to build together.

21 November 2023

Feel the energy of the HTT Summit 2023. Watch the video shortcut

We present the movie from HTT Summit 2023 - a unique gathering of teachers from around the world who came to Columbus, Ohio to discuss IDS (Interdisciplinary School Subject).

15 June 2023

Pasi Sahlberg: We hold on to traditional ideas and methods, but the world has changed. Everything has changed. Schools should reflect this

Interview with Pasi Sahlberg, one of the creators of Finland’s phenomenal education reform, professor of education policy at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a former senior specialist at the World Bank in Washington, DC.

20 April 2023

Dr. Ryan Bramley from the University of Sheffield: If teachers don’t care for young people’s feelings, wants, and needs, then that crucial element of education gets missed out

Interview with Dr. Ryan Bramley from the School of Education at the University of Sheffield, a grantee of the first and second phase of the Holistic Think Tank program on developing the IDS (Interdisciplinary Subject). Dr. Bramley is a lecturer in Education, filmmaker, and arts-based researcher.

06 April 2023

Human Restoration Project: If we start with humanity within the school, then we can expect to see humanity in the world outside

Interview with Nick Covington and Chris McNutt, co-founders of the Human Restoration Project, a non-profit organization promoting human-centered school education, based in the U.S. HRP at the same time is a grantee - both of the first and second phases - of the Holistic Think Tank program to create and implement the IDS (Interdisciplinary Subject) methodology into schools.

27 March 2023