Good Day: See and feel the heart of education all over the world!

One of the key activities taken by the Holistic Think Tank was to prepare a documentary about shades of education around the world and the universal need to change the way of teaching towards a holistic education, immersed in humanistic values. “Good Day” is a film prepared by our special film crew – led by the director, Michał Nowakowski, and edited by great Katarzyna Leśniak – who worked on the material collected by Ivo Krankowski’s team in the primary schools in 7 countries in the farthest corners of the world.  

The presented material showed the variety of roles that school plays in the lives of students (and whole families) around the world while proving the necessity to rethink the approach to primary school education in a global sense, towards a mature, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Meet our heroes and their stories!

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