Film Festival

Cavatina Hall

Cavatina Hall Film Festival “Education Against War”

Holistic Think Tank is pleased to invite you to participate in Cavatina Film Festival, a new place on the map of European film festivals. Its first edition, entitled “Education Against War”, will take place in September 2023. As part of the rich programme of ​​the Festival, excellent film screenings will be accompanied by discussion panels, meetings with authors, concerts and a myriad of other events, all centered around the role of education in the service of world peace.

During these couple of days of meetings in the unique location of Bielsko-Biała, a city at the very foot of the Beskidy mountains, we will be honored to paint for you a very special picture – our report on the research on education carried out by Holistic Think Tank around the world.

The crucial, central aspect of which is the space it gives  to the voice of  CHILDREN – their needs, their hopes and fears for a better world. Our primary task – as adults – is to take care of their world so that it becomes a fertile ground out of which will sprout their futures. 

Moved by this belief, we dedicate this Film Festival to all children, all around the world. Join us!