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About interdisciplinary teaching. Or maybe organization of interdisciplinary learning?

Reflections on interdisciplinary education by Jarosław Kordziński, educational expert, trainer, mediator, and former teacher.

30 November 2023

Our film with a prestigious award in Helsinki!

Good news from Finland: the Holistic Think Tank-produced film “Good Day” got an award as “Best Educational Film” at the…

28 November 2023

“If there are more of us, we will succeed in creating a better school.” From the HTT Roundtable Discussion on IDS

Holistic Think Tank heads: Michal Dziuda (originator and founder) and Justyna Pokojska (executive director) held a roundtable meeting with HTT…

21 November 2023

Out of the “What School Ought to Teach” list: Adaptability

How we understand adaptability, how it is rooted in pedagogical thought and tangible guidelines for what a teacher can do…

10 November 2023

HTT International Conference on Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning has raised hope that better, holistic education is forthcoming

“We must unite and collectively fight for a better school!” – resounded at the HTT event, which took place on…

02 November 2023

How Nutrition Affects the Brain, Cognitive Abilities, Memory, and Educational Success of Students

Many teachers and parents understand the importance of healthy eating for a child’s physical development. However, what we eat also…

18 October 2023

Sylwia Międzybrodzka: There are very simple methods to stop school from being a place associated with stress

An interview with Sylwia Międzybrodzka, a school teacher, certified trainer, coach, mentor, and certified Positive Discipline educator.

05 October 2023

What School Ought To Teach? HTT announces International Conference “Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning.” Join us on October 28 at Cavatina Hall, Bielsko-Biała

“We do not learn for school, but for life” – these words, written in ancient times by Seneca the Younger,…

28 September 2023

Leszek Olpiński: Teachers often choose quiet quitting. I did it my way

An interview with Leszek OlpiÅ„ski, philosopher, physicist, former teacher (he worked in schools for 22 years), and today: educator, social…

21 September 2023

School classes start too early. The problem affects most countries worldwide

School lessons should not start before 8:30 am, scientist warn. The circadian cycle of children, especially those over 10, is…

13 September 2023

Jolanta Okuniewska: Every true teacher has reflexivity and flexibility

Interview with Jolanta Okuniewska, early school education teacher and teacher trainer. She has received numerous national and international awards for…

07 September 2023

Outdoor movement has a beneficial effect on children’s mental and physical health as well as social development. Sadly, schools barely meet this need

Physical activities and contact with nature prevent physical illnesses, reduce stress in children, ensure fuller intellectual development, and positively affect…

01 September 2023

Mariola Bogucka, Ph.D.: Believing young generation is inferior means losing touch with reality

An interview with Mariola Bogucka, an English philologist, Ph.D. in social sciences, and academic teacher at the University of GdaÅ„sk….

24 August 2023

Vacation brain drain. How to stimulate children intellect during holidays and “landing back” at school?

While an extended break from school is highly beneficial for students’ mental well-being, it has a worse effect on their…

17 August 2023

Education of unequal opportunity. African girls still don’t have as much access to schools as their brothers, international organizations alarm, and HTT research confirms

Education in sub-Saharan African countries is still a privilege, not a natural experience. Especially for girls.

09 August 2023

To teach children humanistic values, we must show them by our own example. Change is always worth starting with ourselves

Interview with Marta Bujakowska, English teacher, teacher trainer, and graduate of the School of International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont, US.

03 August 2023

Abusers of school shootings have usually been victims of peer violence themselves. Meanwhile, a teacher can prevent it

Interview with Prof. Jacek Pyżalski, pedagogue, academic teacher (from Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaÅ„), trainer in the area of communication…

Photo: Jose Alonso/Unsplash

27 July 2023

Justyna Pokojska: Education determines conscious living. That’s why we created IDS

An interview with Justyna Pokojska, Ph.D., HTT’s executive director. The interview was conducted by RafaÅ‚ Cieniek, a journalist working for…

20 July 2023

Teaching children with special educational needs is a mission

Interview with Barbara Skrok, an English teacher with over 40 years of experience and trainer of other educators in teaching…

13 July 2023

A strategy for the turnaround, or what a school should be. Essay by Joanna Górecka, Ph.D.

Why schools need to be transformed, what that transformation should look like, and what impact a Holistic Think Tank would…

07 July 2023

Searching for the purpose of education. ET Market 2023

The English Teaching Market 2023 took place in Stare JabÅ‚onki on June 26-28, 2023, bringing together more than 300 teachers….

30 June 2023

Piotr Walda: Stop punishing children for our own mistakes. It’s not right

Piotr Walda, history teacher: Sometimes I hear pedagogues saying, “This kid is so stupid, he didn’t learn again.” Zero self-reflection,…

22 June 2023

Feel the energy of the HTT Summit 2023. Watch the video shortcut

We present the movie from HTT Summit 2023 – a unique gathering of teachers from around the world who came…

15 June 2023

Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS) – what is it?

The Holistic Think Tank’s flagship idea is the Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS), defined as “an adjusting to the reality system…

14 June 2023

Małgorzata Nowakowska: As a teacher and as a mother, I dream of schools that teach how to live wisely

An interview with MaÅ‚gorzata Nowakowska, physicist, school teacher, founder of the blog “Fake news busters,” and Copernicus Science Center employee….

07 June 2023

Inside a child’s brain, or why is early school education so important for human development?

Most do not doubt education is the key to raising sensible and responsible people. Fewer realize this view has a…

01 June 2023

Reputable pedagogue: If we are serious about the future, there is no sector more worth investing in than education

Interview with BogusÅ‚aw Åšliwerski, pedagogue, professor at the University of Łódź, chairman of the Committee on Pedagogical Sciences of the…

25 May 2023

Edyta Kłeczek: One of the fundamental mistakes in relationships with students is an assumption that we don’t need each other

Interview with Edyta KÅ‚eczek, historian, an English teacher at a primary school in Brzeźnica near Skawina (MaÅ‚opolska), school coordinator of…

18 May 2023

Join us for a webinar on May 17

HTT invites primary school teachers to participate in a free webinar on the IDS Ambassador Program. The event will be…

12 May 2023

How to remain Human in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we can build a future where everyone lives with dignity. But for the…

11 May 2023

High interest in HTT at PASE 2023 Language Congress

On May 6, the Holistic Think Tank participated in the PASE Language Congress, which is Poland’s largest event for linguists….

11 May 2023

Dr. Joanna Górecka: It’s time for schools to be a place of humanity

Interview with Joanna Górecka, a doctor of humanities, a Polish language teacher at the “No Bell” school in Konstancin-Jeziorna, and…

04 May 2023

Lista Czego Powinna Uczyć Szkoła (CPUS)

Lista 10 umiejÄ™tnoÅ›ci, zanurzonych w humanistycznych wartoÅ›ciach, które majÄ… przygotować mÅ‚odych ludzi do życia w nieustannie zmieniajÄ…cym siÄ™ Å›wiecie.

28 April 2023

Are we mature enough to become people? Holistic approach to education

Johann Friedrich Herbart, a German educator and philosopher, wrote in 1806: “A part can be measured on the whole, it…

28 April 2023

Join the IDS Educational Program!

HTT invites creative, open-minded teachers to join its international Educational Program. We invite you to become the IDS Agent of…

27 April 2023

Pasi Sahlberg: We hold on to traditional ideas and methods, but the world has changed. Everything has changed. Schools should reflect this

Interview with Pasi Sahlberg, one of the creators of Finland’s phenomenal education reform, professor of education policy at the University…

20 April 2023

HTT introduces the IDS ambassadors: Joanna Górecka, Edyta Kłeczek, Małgorzata Nowakowska, and Piotr Walda

HTT is launching a partnership with four teachers who, among other things, will create didactic tools for IDS (Interdisciplinary Subject).

17 April 2023

Jo Johnson: School should teach how to make space between one’s thoughts

An interview with Jo Johnson, Project Specialist at The Innovative Learning Center for Adult Education in West Michigan (US). Formally…

12 April 2023

Dr. Ryan Bramley from the University of Sheffield: If teachers don’t care for young people’s feelings, wants, and needs, then that crucial element of education gets missed out

Interview with Dr. Ryan Bramley from the School of Education at the University of Sheffield, a grantee of the first…

06 April 2023

HTT Summit 2023. Columbus (Ohio, US) for two days became the center of worldwide discussions on school education

HTT Summit 2023 constituted an assembly venue for committed, forward-thinking teachers and education activists from around the world. Following their…

28 March 2023

Human Restoration Project: If we start with humanity within the school, then we can expect to see humanity in the world outside

Interview with Nick Covington and Chris McNutt, co-founders of the Human Restoration Project, a non-profit organization promoting human-centered school education,…

27 March 2023

The second phase of the Holistic Think Tank program is launched. HTT awards the next tranche of grants to its partners

We are preparing to launch the second edition of the Holistic Think Tank grant program for two partner organizations –…

24 March 2023

Fab Foundation: We need to transform schools before we lose children entirely

Interview with Sherry Lassiter, President and SEO of Fab Foundation, and Rodney Williams, who works there as a Program Manager….

Sherry Lassiter and Rodney Williams from Fab Foundation

17 March 2023

HTT executive director in a press interview: The student-teacher relationship will no longer be a hierarchical one

Justyna Pokojska, an executive director of HTT and Ph.D. in sociology, gave an extensive press interview for the “Dziennik Polski”…

21 February 2023

HTT Summit 2023. We present the agenda of inspiring workshops

At the HTT 2023 Summit at Ohio State University, Columbus, attendees will not only hear lectures by global education experts…

15 February 2023

HTT Summit 2023: a great venue and an agenda full of inspiring activities. See you on March 4!

The HTT educational summit at Ohio State University, Columbus, US, is coming soon (March 4). On the agenda, among others,…

10 February 2023

Prof. Dominika Dudek: I dream of schools that teach students how to deal with stress

Interview with Prof. Dominika Dudek, psychiatrist, president of the Polish Psychiatric Association, head of the Department of Psychiatry at Jagiellonian…

30 January 2023

Anna Szulc: Yesterday’s teachers are using the day before yesterday’s methods. How is it supposed to work well?

An interview with Anna Szulc, a mathematics teacher from Kazimierz Wielki High School in Zdunska Wola, Poland, who does not…

16 January 2023

Czego Powinna Uczyć Szkoła (CPUS)

Lista CPUS (Czego Powinna Uczyć SzkoÅ‚a), czyli 10 kluczowych kompetencji, zanurzonych w wartoÅ›ciach humanistycznych, które majÄ… przygotować uczniów do życia…

16 January 2023

Book review: Smartphones Epidemic by Manfred Spitzer

The book of Manfred Spitzer provokes thoughts about the impact digitalization bears on our existence. According to the author, one…

09 January 2023

An innovative educational project is being launched. Holistic Think Tank invites up to 100 school teachers to join it

Holistic Think Tank aims to create a common base of lessons’ scenarios built on the values from the What School…

03 January 2023

The price of success. Is Korean “education fever” a warning or an inspiration?

As recently as the 1950s, South Korea’s economy was not too different from those of sub-Saharan African countries (calculated by…

29 December 2022

Digital competence’s awareness, cooperation, and sense of empowerment. Our grantees point to the most important values in education

Three grantees are working with us to develop and implement an interdisciplinary subject (IDS). And while they share a mutual…

21 December 2022

What School Ought to Teach (WSOT) list

What School Ought to Teach (WSOT) list consists of 10 key competencies, embedded in a humanistic view, that prepare young…

16 December 2022

Toward the „thriving” relationships in Polish schools

The amount of studying imposed on students is a systemic problem, not the teachers’ idea – says one of the…

09 December 2022

IDS GRANTS SUMMARY: to design Interdisciplinary Subject

Introduction Holistic Think Tank’s mission is to make schools around the world raise learners ready for the challenges of the…

29 November 2022

Zimbabwe: Hopes of the teachers and dreams of the students

Schools ought to teach what is relevant and applicable in the day-to-day interaction in life, either at work or in…

29 November 2022

Philippines: The world’s awakening. Mankind is beginning to understand that the future starts with education

Currently, various countries all over the globe – following the global educational trend that emphasizes 21st-century competencies – have undertaken…

29 November 2022

Kenya: lessons learned. What should we pay attention to while introducing the education reform

In 2015, Kenya began introducing a new holistic and interdisciplinary curriculum. Its premise – to raise a generation that will…

29 November 2022

Designing interdisciplinary lessons: an inspiration toolkit

As a result of research conducted by HTT in order to develop new educational solutions, we announced an international competition…

24 November 2022

The University of Sheffield on the way to IDS curriculum

23 November 2022

HTT RESEARCH SUMMARY: different countries share the same dream of a better school

1. Introduction The Holistic Think Tank aims to improve the functioning of schools worldwide by moving away from the traditional…

18 November 2022

How to make schools catch up with the 21st century?

Today’s students need a multi-dimensional set of skills: the ones for both their present and future lives, abilities they can…

07 November 2022

When more is less

The dominance of private education, overprotective parents helping children with their homework, and numerous tutors – this approach to education…

07 November 2022

Kids always want to know more, but teachers hit systemic obstacles

Most teachers dream of education that will develop students’ talents, show them how to resolve problems, communicate efficiently, analyze sources…

07 November 2022

School is a miniature society

South Korean participants in the HTT research project see school as a community that reflects the society in general. By…

17 October 2022

“Emotional touch with creative design” – Inspiration from Korean interdisciplinary approach to education

STEAM education tries to integrate the learning experience, with a focus on connecting the subjects of science, technology, engineering, mathematics,…

17 October 2022

Brazilian vision of education – socioemotional skills in the forefront

The core of the Brazilian curriculum fosters ten general competences that contribute to the holistic formation and education of children.…

17 October 2022

Join education experts at the HTT Summit in Ohio (4.-5. March 2023)

10 October 2022

See and feel the heart of education all over the world

10 October 2022

Towards humanization of school curricula

10 October 2022

The essence of the change is to go beyond the comfort zone.

“There is one world – let’s learn to look at it as a whole, through the lens of various subjects,…

10 October 2022

My media. My power. My world.

As one of the Holistic Think Tank grant program beneficiaries, the University of Sheffield, has prepared its own concept of…

09 October 2022

“School should not just be a four-walled classroom”

Teachers who took part in the HTT research project in Brazil dream of a student-centered and  reality-based education that inspires…

29 September 2022

What Should Schools Teach? A Phenomenography of School Environments

What kind of skills and knowledge should be taught in schools for the world’s better future – this was the…

27 September 2022

South African schools on the path to interdisciplinary education

South African participants in the HTT research project stressed the importance of holistic development of students which is most successfully…

27 September 2022

South Africa: Schools are not isolated entities

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom…

27 September 2022

My Media, My Power, My World. A new Interdisciplinary Subject for Pupils in Primary Education

The recording was taken during the Holistic Think Tank Grant Summary meeting with the University of Sheffield in September 2022.…

27 September 2022

Different approaches to Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS) curriculum

Holistic Think Tank’s grant beneficiaries meeting & debate | March 2022 The recording was taken during the first meeting of the…

21 September 2022

Galina Zenin: “Music provides the children with an opportunity to learn about the world in a holistic way by being wholly engaged”

In an old photo Galina’s head is adorned with a huge white bow, she is wearing a short brown dress…

21 September 2022

Prof. Magdalena Ślusarczyk: “Nowadays it is not easy to talk about universal values, because we live in a world of their pluralism”

Professor, we are really grateful for this opportunity to talk to you. For us, Holistic Think Tank, it is really…

21 September 2022

Educational journey into the unknown begins with leaving the familiar port

We sometimes hear the expression of a rather melancholic notion that we were, in fact, born too late to have…

21 September 2022

School should stress the mutual permeability between various fields of study, along with the permeability of values

Children starting off on their educational journey ought to be provided with opportunities to develop in many different directions. Emphasis,…

21 September 2022

Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS): The point is to do inquiry based learning

Holistic Think Tank recently awarded a research grant to Fab Lab Foundation for creating a new interdisciplinary subject. Today we…

21 September 2022

Approaching the global issues  based on interdisciplinary knowledge, values, and skills

Education for global citizenship, in its critical rather than “soft” version, invites students to question existing social order and to…

21 September 2022

What kind of citizenship should be taught at school?

Functioning in a relationship with the state should be an important part of the life of each and every one…

21 September 2022

The role of the school is to teach how to learn

“What is the purpose of the school?” – this question seems to have an obvious answer. The objective of the…

21 September 2022

“Mathematics is something more than a subject based on the data”

Travelling through different places allow for observing rich fauna and flora, describing the landscape and recording the most beautiful views.…

21 September 2022

Holistic Think Tank Methodological Manifesto

1. A methodology to match the approach to the world and to education At Holistic Think Tank we are primarily…

21 September 2022

Communication triad – is a mature educational dialogue possible?

Communication is a basic tool of knowledge transfer in a school situation. The child and the adult communicate with each…

20 September 2022

Computational thinking as a fundamental skill used by everyone by the middle of the 21st Century

We all agree that the school should not only impart knowledge, but also help develop specific skills. The catalog of…

20 September 2022

“Empty Pedagogy, Behaviorism, and the Rejection of Equity” – Chris McNutts diagnosis on the educational reality.

The use of techniques based on the achievements of behaviorism stirs rampant emotions among education specialists. It is worth remembering,…

20 September 2022

The question returns like a boomerang: How to make pupils want to learn?

The Holistic Think Tank team has been working for many months on an international research project on primary school education.…

20 September 2022

Maciej Winiarek: “We need to flip the classroom relationship and put the student in the center of the education system”

“I think we should increase the potential of children now, which will enable them to take responsibility for their own…

20 September 2022

Does homeschooling teach what schools do not?

Statistics indicate a growing interest in homeschooling among many members of the public. In Italy, over the past two years,…

20 September 2022

Neither education nor production systems are tailored to develop 21st century competences

Today we face the reality of modern society: neither education nor production systems are tailored to develop 21st century competences.…

20 September 2022

Holistic approach in education

A list compiled by the Holistc Thnik Tank researchers – Jan Bazyli Klakla and Katarzyna PajÄ…k-ZaÅ‚Ä™ska – based on preliminary analyses and…

20 September 2022

Cavatina Hall Film Festival “Education Against War”

Holistic Think Tank is pleased to invite you to the Cavatina Film Festival, a new address on the European film…

15 September 2022

What School Should Teach Research: Case Study of Philippines (Summary)

The school in focus is located in one of the biggest and wealthiest cities in the Philippines. It was established…

08 September 2022