03 January 2023

An innovative educational project is being launched. Holistic Think Tank invites up to 100 school teachers to join it

Holistic Think Tank aims to create a common base of lessons’ scenarios built on the values from the What School Ough To Teach list. We invite teachers of students aged 10-15 to join the project, in return offering an attractive fee and opportunities for development.

Author: Maria Mazurek,

educational program HTT


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The mission of the Holistic Think Tank is to modify the world’s education towards a holistic and humanized one, based on values such as communication skills, teamwork, and the ability to deal with both stress and conflicts, among others. We will not do it alone. We need the help of committed, creative teachers from all over the world to help us create lesson plans for various school subjects. Do you feel that the values we hold are close to you? Do you want to do something useful for education and at the same time be financially (and not only) appreciated for it? This program is for you.

Who are we looking for?

We are establishing cooperation with up to a hundred teachers of elementary education who teach students aged 10-15 in educational institutions. Their role is to create lesson block/semester scenarios (min. 10 lessons) incorporating the values from the What School Ought To Teach list and then – implement them in their classes. We invite both teachers of humanities and art, social, natural sciences, and technology subjects to cooperate. 

What are we offering?

We offer a payment up to 2,000 USD for creating and implementing the scenarios. Moreover, the top-rated works will be eligible for additional awards with payments of up to 10,000 USD and/or invitations to participate in conferences and workshops organized by HTT, both in Poland and the United States. 

What is driving us? 

HTT is a think tank with departments in Poland and the United States. We look at education globally, focusing on schools worldwide. We believe that despite financial, cultural, and geographic differences, students around the world have the same needs – schools that put them at the center of the educational process. Schools that teach not only hard knowledge but also social competencies that will help the young generation face the challenges of the future world.

We wish that teachers – who, as our research in 10 countries around the world confirms, play a key role in the education process – would become part of our project. We need educators full of passion, ideas, and hope for a better future. Let’s build it together.