27 April 2023

Join the IDS Educational Program!

HTT invites creative, open-minded teachers to join its international Educational Program. We invite you to become the IDS Agent of Educational Change. If you are a teacher of students aged 10-15, want to restore humanity in education and wish schools to be children’s favorite place - become an IDS Agent of Educational Change!

educational program HTT

Our goal

Our IDS Educational Program aims at transforming teaching priorities in schools worldwide toward holistic education, developing values described by the HTT team within the What School Ought to Teach (WSOT) list. 

We want to implement in the process of teaching a new approach, called the Interdisciplinary School Subject (IDS), defined as a reality-adapting system of guidelines for teaching all subjects, addressing the universal need to develop the values from the WSOT list in the school teaching process.

We believe that all school subjects – mathematics, history, or chemistry – should be taught in the same, coherent way, using universal soft and social skills as a basis in the process of acquiring specialized subject knowledge. 

Our proposal 

We invite you to join the IDS Educational Program. Within our cooperation, we will ask you to:

  • design a series of subject lessons (e.g., a selected thematic block in history, mathematics, or chemistry), addressing the chosen values from the What School Ought to Teach list (WSOT),
  • elaborate them into at least ten comprehensive lesson scenarios, and prepare a toolkit of teaching methods that you will use,
  • implement scenarios in your classroom and evaluate the process of teaching & learning in the IDS approach,
  • share with us your observations and recommendations.

We offer numerous benefits for your cooperation, including remuneration of $ 1,500 for preparing a series of subject lessons, development webinars and seminars devoted to the idea of teaching in a holistic paradigm, and participation in an international Educational Program for teachers (including from Great Britain, US, and Poland.) We also provide benefits for your school. 

Your move!

If you are interested in becoming an IDS Agent of Educational Change, we encourage you to submit an application through our IDS Educational Program website

You will also find there further details about the program and step-by-step instructions on joining us.