09 October 2022

My media. My power. My world.


As one of the Holistic Think Tank grant program beneficiaries, the University of Sheffield, has prepared its own concept of an interdisciplinary subject, entitled “My media, my power, my world”. The aim of this subject is to empower young students to explore and understand their world in different ways. It centres on critical thinking and social justice, and aims to provide young learners with the tools to understand global literacy, in preparation for their future engagement within ever-changing digital, virtual, and physical landscapes.

The Developed by the University of Sheffield Team curriculum includes three main components – “My world” – within which the students will explore the ways in which their world impacts them, as well as understanding more deeply their role within it, “My Power”, concentrated on exploration of the students’ power and how they can harness it in different ways, and – finally – “My media”, which includes a set of activities and tools to support students to use digital media to learn, to find out, to express themselves, to advocate, to teach, to interact, to communicate, to create, to play, to relax, and much more. “We truly believe – said Sabine Little, PhD – that it is better to be aware of the benefits and challenges related to the functioning of children in today’s world of new digital technologies”. That is why it is so important to care for a better education system for our children. A system that equips them not only with the appropriate competences, but also – and perhaps most importantly – will allow them to derive satisfaction from what they learn every day.

We encourage you to see the presentation of the Interdisciplinary Subject “My media, my power, my world”, prepared by our grant recipients

As well as recording of the meeting during which the main conclusions of the research  conducted by the University of Sheffield team were presented