28 November 2023

Our film with a prestigious award in Helsinki!

Good news from Finland: the Holistic Think Tank-produced film "Good Day" got an award as "Best Educational Film" at the HEFFI (Helsinki Education Film Festival International) ceremony.

Author: Maria Mazurek,

Justyna Pokojska and Ricky Carranza, HEFFI Founder

The award was received Dr. Justyna Pokojska, HTT Executive Director. The director of the “Good Day” movie was Michał Nowakowski and it was based on the footage directed by Ivo Krankowski, while edited by Katarzyna Leśniak. Project coordinator was Łukasz Zarębski and the head of post-production was Piotr Czyżowsk. Spiritus Movens and the Donor of the film has been Cavatina Group, which supports and funds HTT’s operations and mission. However, the film’s greatest characters are the students and teachers from numerous countries worldwide who appeared in HTT’s movie, honestly and movingly telling about their everyday educational life and the school they dream of.